Kat Woolf

Kat’s head for business, together with her knack for understanding property as an art, has solidified her reputation among industry leaders as ‘the only person to talk to’, when it comes to property.

In 2013 Kat became joint Managing Director of Johannesburg-based brokerage, Space Online Group, where she heads a team of 20 brokers in the commercial sales portfolio. She has co-founded an app in the residential real estate space, and she manages her own personal property portfolio.

Kat’s entrepreneurial experience emerged from humble beginnings in the business of seashells (she was 2!), wrapping paper, and a fudge ‘factory’, to starting and running her own Pilates studio, clothing lines and digital design agency.

After acquiring a degree in Multimedia & Brand Communications, Kat found her way into the commercial property industry, where she continues to inspire the most experienced property minds.